Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Late Night Ramblings 8-24

I recommend eating only foods you know won't make you sickish. Not following this rule will only cause pain. I found out today. Or last night. It was either whatever I ate last night or this frozen boxed lasagna this afternoon. Whatever it was, wow.

School starts tomorrow. Not for me, but yeah, school starts tomorrow. It's kind of strange. The first day of school has always been a day I've both liked and hated. I liked it better at Butler because I liked the people better. Even if my work schedule makes it a little difficult, I'm glad everyone is back. I'm lucky to know the people I know.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force both fascinates and frightens me. It's also tremendously hilarious. I don't know who thinks up some of that stuff.

Every time the Cubs win, I think for a second that they have a chance. Then I smack myself in the face and realize that it's not going to happen.

And updated from the old blog, a timeline...

1981: Born six weeks early; spit up a lot; go to the bathroom in bad places; they thought I had "problems"

1982-83: I learn to walk, and not crap my pants in restaurants

1984: Brother born; I didn't like him much; collected grocery store paper bags and taped them

1985: Start preschool; became opposed to the idea of swimming; first baseball memory (Pete Rose); watched a lot of Sesame Street and Mister Rogers; still wet the bed

1986: Move to Mooresville; creepy Harold guy who used to own the house still hangs around the house after we move in; I like living in the woods, but next door kid Nick is a punk

1987-88: Move to Plainfield, start kindergarten; kindergarten is weird

1988-89: Start first grade; had "The Dream" that involved a pterodactyl and a crocodile

1989-90: Second grade; Mrs. Howard terrifies me; Evan Byah waved to me; hid dad's wallet because I thought it would be funny

1990-91: Philip gets dehydrated in St. Louis; get first cat (Peaches); collecting toy cars and baseball cards; third grade; Mrs. Lawyer makes me eternally scared to ask questions in class; Christian Laettaner hits "The Shot" to beat Kentucky

1991-92: Fourth grade; infatuated with guilloteens for some reason; infatuated with Mrs. Heldman (that might be something to reconsider including, but good Lord)

1992-93: Fifth grade; Colts player visits class; I become a trouble maker and get "talks too much" on my report card; traded baseball cards under the table during class; the Waco stuff; Grandpa (mom's dad) dies

1993-94: Sixth grade; Ace Ventura comes out; Channel One; Crash Test Dummies (Mmmmm mmmm mmmm song which was a terrible song); the Pacers become good, and the New York Knicks become hated

1994-95: Go to first MLB game: Sox vs. Angels; baseball strike; Seventh grade; Mr. Planker; the Eagle Creek Park field trip "incident"; I fished a lot and caught two fish; buried one of them in the garden

1995-96: Go to first Cubs game; Eighth grade; office helper with Mrs. Biggerstaff; Grandma (mom's mom) had bypass surgery

1996-97: Bush Stadium closes, Victory Field opens; Grandma (dad's mom) had bypass surgery; Freshman year HS; Wallflowers song "Sixth Avenue Heartache" gets stuck in my head for about three months straight; start French; hate French; the cats (Ralph and Curley) show up in our garage

1997-98: Sophomore year HS; CHAP; the New Harmony field trip (one of the best days ever); learn that I like writing; Mr. Potter's biology class and half-disected fetus pigs falling on my head; Pacers-Bulls Playoff series; Milwaukee

1998-99: Junior year HS; take a journalism class; cat dies; Cubs go to the playoffs; Plainfield wins the State Basketball Championship; Colombine; J-Day field trip #1 to Ball State

1999-2000: Senior year HS; on newspaper staff; elbow screwed up for four months after ice skating; trip to the photo shop; field trip to the Star; field trip see some French play at Shortridge Middle School; J-Day field trip #2 and staying over at Mrs. Burress's house where I got beat in a game of HORSE with a sitting down backwards shot by someone much shorter than me; wondered what came after high school; enrolled at IUPUI, then accepted at Butler the next day; registration at Butler; Graduated from high school

2000-01: Freshman year of college; was the quiet kid in orientation the guides are told to watch for; spent way too much time in the library; came home every day at 6 p.m.; wrote for the Collegian; got a couple awards; Mr. Levin helped my writing; Butler won a tournament game

2001-02: Sophomore year of college; orientation guide #1; make fool out of self again; Dinosaur Evolution; 9/11; Grandpa (dad's dad) got sick on 9/10, went to hospital on 9/11/01; reasons why other people remember 9/11/01 also happened; Butler got shafted

2002-03: Junior year of college; orientation guide #2; sports editor of Collegian; spring is a good semester; Butler goes to Sweet 16; went to Pittsburgh

2003-04: Grandpa died; orientation guide #3 Senior year of college; Collegian was like hell; probably the worst semester; Cubs lost in Game 7; quit Collegian; went to Dawgnet to work for Pulliam; Dawgnet great; took job at Star; Star job great; got internship for the fall; much better semester

2004-05: Fifth year of college; first semester was a lot of work with heavy classes, internship and the Star; slept very little, least of my life; realized that after May, I was on my own; second semester was quick and easy; really started to wonder what to do; helped; one guy from the site said I have "talent," which is nice; went to Cooperstown, Niagara Falls, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Durham (Duke) and Knoxville; a lot of states and one Canadian province; Cubs suck again; still trying to find a fulltime job

2005-06: We'll see what happens.


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