Friday, September 23, 2005

Why you shouldn't TP

This is why you shouldn't go TP-ing your teacher's house. You know know when he/she will decide to wield a sword and start swinging it wildly...

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Boone High School teacher faces charges in connection with injuring a student with a sword.

Students and the teacher said a confrontation happened Tuesday night when a group came by his house to engage in a traditional high school prank -- putting toilet paper on his property.

"We were all TPing and stuff and a bunch of kids went to his house. And he came from a neighbor's yard with a sword and was chasing after everybody and hit a kid's hand," said Matt Phannes, a student.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Stupid ISTEP

A yearly tradition for elementary school students in Indiana is the ISTEP test. It's basically a standardized test that determines how a school is doing and if a student can move on. They were always given in March, and oh man, the teachers were on edge. They made it seem as if the test was the most important thing that would ever happen to us. Most of us believed it, too.

The only part I remember, and it's because it was the same every single year, was a fake vocabulary memorization part. It really was the same every year. You were always guaranteed of getting at least a couple questions right because you knew they were going to be there.

1. A yonker is a young man. Remember, a yonker is a young man.

2. Wuzzle means to mix. Remember, wuzzle means to mix.

3. A baloo is a bear. Remember, a baloo is a bear.

4. Daddock is rotten wood. Remember, daddock is rotten wood.

5. Sculch is junk. Remember, sculch is junk.

Yep, I remember.

The places I've been

I guess I should try to go south and west...

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Coach quotes

Quotes of the night from the high school football coaches who call me at the Star...

1) (Yelling to the side) "Hey, what are you doing over there? Get off that! (To me.) Sorry about that. We have the dumbest kid in town."

2) "I'm sorry, but those penalties were bullshit. We had the officiating crew from hell."

3) "Josh! You're in my personal space!" (Later on in the same call) "Guys, come on! Back away from me! You're in my personal space! I need some room here!"

And as an aside, what is that smell?