Friday, September 02, 2005

Living hell and the failure of the government

Before the storm, you had little. Then you lost everything. It's hot and humid. You haven't taken a shower in five days. You're hungry and don't know when your next meal is going to come. You're thirsty and don't know when you'll get a glass of water...even though your entire city is filled with the stuff that happens to be polluted with God knows what. The mosquitoes are getting worse, and the snakes, feral dogs and crocodiles are hungry. You're pissed off and tired and you keep hearing gun shots. People are lying dead everywhere. It stinks of sewage, death and anger all mixed together. Welcome to hell on earth. Basically, you want to leave and someone is in your way. That someone is keeping you from leaving. That someone might also be keeping you from living. What do you do?

I've thought several times about whether this is equivalent to 9/11 or multiple 9/11's. It is hard to. One was a terrorist attack, the other is the wrath of Mother Nature. What is similar is the anger that followed.

After 9/11, people were angry at being attacked. However, the responce from the government was such that we did the pull together act and we felt good about ourselves.

Earlier this week after the storm hit, we were sad. The destruction was at a level we had never seen. Anger followed, but this time it was because of the lack of a responce. New Orleans has been abandoned. The people have been abandoned.

Bush said there was no way to know the levees would break. That's ludicrous. The media has been reporting for years that New Orleans was in a great deal of danger of being destroyed by a giant hurricane. On Sunday, they knew what was likely. Every weatherman in the United States was saying that it was a possible Category 5 hurricane.

But the government didn't react the way it should have. It waited. It failed. New Orleans is the picture of an anarchist's paradise. Everybody in every other city should wonder, "If something happens to my city, will I be abandoned?" It is a failure at every level of government.

It's going to be interesting in the coming days, weeks and months to see how the country reacts to everything. We are living in volatile times. With the hurricane, increasing gas prices, anger about the war in Iraq, I just hope the country doesn't explode with unrest.


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