Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It's just a little airbourne! It's still good! It's still good!

Nothing much to offer tonight, so here are three Internet gifts...

-- 390,127 people in Britain listed their religion as Jedi in the 2001 census.

-- Some sort of giant sea creature skeleton was washed up by the tsunami earlier this year.

-- Once again, I love Craig's List.

And some Simpsons quotes because I need to fill some space here...

Homer: "I take a whiskey drink. I take a chocolate drink. And when I have to pee, I use the kitchen sink!

Moe: "How are things going with that girl you are seeing?"
Lenny: "Not so good. She closed her curtains."

After Moe recommended a private detective to Homer, Lenny said, "I hired him to find out who was cobbling my shoes at night. It turns out I have severe schizophrenia."

Marge: "Now Homer, don't you eat this pieeeee!"
Homer: "All right, pie. I'm going to close my eyes and go like his (opening and closing his mouth with his eyes shut) and if you get eaten, it's your own fault!" (He then does that and crashes, but eats the pie anyway.)

Rod or Todd: ""My hobbies include: being quiet on car rides...clapping along with songs and...diabetes."

A few years after Stampy:
Bart: "I wish I had an elephant."
Lisa: "You did. His name was Stampy. You loved him very much."
Bart: "Oh yeah."

"Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such educational films as 'Firecrackers: The Silent Killer' and 'Locker Room Towel Fights : The Blinding of Larry Driscoll.'"

Burns: "We don't have to be adversaries, Homer. We both want a fair union contract."
Homer's Brain: "Why is Mr. Burns being so nice to me?"
Burns: "And if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."
Homer's Brain: "Wait a minute. Is he coming onto me?"
Burns: "I mean, if I should slip something into your pocket, what's the harm?"
Homer's Brain: "My God! He is coming onto me!"
Burns: "After all, negotiations make strange bedfellows." [chuckle] [wink]
Homer's Brain: "Aaaaaagh!"
Homer: "Sorry, Mr. Burns, but I don't go in for these backdoor shenanigans. Sure, I'm flattered, maybe even a little curious, but the answer is no!"

Kid in the meat movie: "When I grow up, I want to go to Bovine University!"

Marge: "Where were you?"
Homer's Brain: "Don't say Moe's! Don't say Moe's!"
Homer: "I was at the pornography store. I was buying pornography."

Woman: "Why do you want to become a big brother?"
Homer's Brain: "Don't say revenge, don't say revenge."
Homer: "Revenge."
Homer's Brain: "That's it, I'm outta here." (sound of brain walking down steps, getting into a car and driving off)

Trent: "The man knows what he likes."
Homer: "Just taking care of business."
Trent: "If you don't, who will, huh? Trent Steele."
Homer: "Homer Si ... uh, Max Power."
Trent: "Oh, hey! Great name!"
Homer: "Yeah, isn't it? I got it off a hair dryer."
Trent: [laughs] "I like a man who can poke fun at himself. [looks at his watch] Ooh, hey, my one o'clock cancelled. Eh, you had any lunch?"
Homer: "Yeah, but I usually have three or four."
Trent: "So where to eat? You like Thai?"
Homer: "Tie good. You like shirt."

That's all.


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