Monday, October 03, 2005


While I'm bored with the teams in the playoffs, here are my predictions like I do every year...

American League Division Series
Boston vs. Chicago: Red Sox in 5.
New York vs. Los Angeles: Angels in 5.

National League Division Series
Houston vs. Atlanta: Astros in 4.
St. Louis vs. San Diego: Cardinals in 4.

American League Championship Series
Boston vs. Anaheim: Boston in 6.

National League Championship Series
St. Louis vs. Houston: Cardinals in 7.

World Series
Boston vs. St. Louis: Cardinals in 6.

I would have been much more interested had the Yankees, Braves and Astros not made the playoffs. I am sick of them.


Blogger Daniel said...

Amen, I hate the Redsoxs

11:53 AM  

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