Friday, October 21, 2005

Shrouded in a veil of darkness, the man wishes to speak at unnatural hours of the night

It's getting late...

-- I would just like to begin this by saying welcome to Indiana in the days following Oct. 20. It will be cold and gray until about April 15 or so, when there is still the chance of a random blizzard to occur. Have fun. Seriously, that's how it is. On Oct. 19, it was somewhat comfortable and the sun was out. Today on Oct. 20, it was cold and gray and then there came the cold rain. It's going to be wonderful.

-- On the Facebook, there are 14 Daniel Bradley's other than myself. I pressed the add to friends button on all, and we'll see what happens. If all goes well, I expect to form the Royal Imperial Army of Daniel Bradley's. We'll take over the world. No Dan or Danny Bradley's are allowed because we do not condone the shortening of the sacred name. We will also have a "No Girlz Allowed" sign on the door to our offices (clubhouse?) because girls have cooties, so I guess there won't be any Danielle Bradley's let in either. We might change our minds once the median age of the army hits puberty, but we'll see. Sweet Jesus, I have no idea what on earth I'm talking about, but I'm too tired to deal with hitting the backspace button, so it will stay.

-- Yesterday, I campaigned pretty hard at work for there to be no more TV's on in our area when we're busy. Some of the guys might start hating me now, but mistakes have been made because people have paid more attention to what's on TV than the work they're doing. The mistakes that were made are not acceptable at any level of any paper, let alone a paper the size of the one who employs me. (And yes, I am intentionally writing in non-specific terms because more and more, I read about people being fired for making specific comments on the Internet.)

-- There was a list released that gave statistics on the deadliest animals in the United States. In order by the number of people killed by them in a year on average are:

1. Horses 219
2. Deer 130
3. Cows 28.4
4. Dogs 16
5. Insects 8.4
6. Birds 5.2
7. Elephants 1
8. Tigers 0.6
9. Hogs 0.6
10. Pythons 0.5

In some ways, I am confused and in others, it makes sense. We don't have many potentially vicious animals in the United States like other countries. You don't see many lions walking around all over the place. We're not exactly a PBS nature show here, so it makes sense for horses and cows to be toward the top. However, the numbers seem low. I'm sure more than 8.4 people who are allergic to bee stings die per year. I'd hate to be the person who gets to die from being attacked by a pig. What do they do? Gum you to death? Stamp you with their little feet? I guess they're probably talking more in terms of the big ones and not Babe. I guess the good thing is that, despite my cats' obvious plotting, they show up nowhere on the list. But maybe that's how they want it. I wouldn't put it past cats to use surprise tactics in their quest for world domination.


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