Thursday, October 20, 2005

There are no words

Similar to how I am very easily distracted by shiny, moving objects, there are certain things that if I see in person, I have no restraint and must buy. They're usually objects that make everyone with me roll their eyes and start mumbling about how weird I am. This is one of those things, only I haven't had the chance as of yet. I have not seen it in person, but it is a snow globe. You know those things where you turn it upside down and the snow falls everywhere? But it's not just any snow globe. "It is an EIGHT FOOT TALL INFLATABLE SNOW GLOBE!" What more could a person ever want...other than, you know, eternal happiness, although this might just provide it. It's the most amazing thing I've ever heard of. For the moment at least, it surpasses everything cool I've ever heard about. It's also $149.87 from Sam's Club.

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Apparently, it operates with a vaccum pump that sucks the snow from the bottom and shoots it to the top. It also lights up. Amazing. Just absolutely genius and amazing. I'm swooning. I really am. And if you all love me as much I know you do, you'll create a "Buy Daniel An Eight Foot Tall Snow Globe Fund" and pool all your money together. My yard needs an eight foot tall snow globe to accentuate its features. Hell, I'd throw away my bed to have it in the house. Who needs a bed when you can crawl inside your very own eight foot tall snow globe?

(And this is a time to completely disregard everything I have to say about the commercialization of Christmas. I'm full of crap. All the time. I'm full of it. Never listen to a word I have to say because you never when something so completely awesome will come around to turn me into the most excited hypocrite of all time. I think I'm seven years old.)


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