Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cheese = The New Cocaine

Who knew there was a black market for cheese?

In El Salvador, police seized 24 tons of "contraband cheese," while in San Diego, authorities are concerned about "bathtub cheese" sold on the street that could be dangerous because it is unpasteurized.

I can't wait for the government to institute the War On Cheese and the cheese lords who break out and start cheese wars amongst rival gangs. Just wait until you're afraid to walk around a street corner at night because you might be confronted by someone asking if you want some sharp cheddar, real pure. It's the future, kids, and it doesn't look bright.


Blogger LifesEyes said...

LOL! hey, who knew?! next thing you know, there'll be raids and most wanted posters for these cheese criminals!!!

11:51 AM  

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