Saturday, November 05, 2005

A few things while wondering how Sufjan Stevens actually comes up with those song titles

I was eating lunch today when a car commercial for a Chevrolet dealership came on. It was the normal car commercial with the annoying loud voice and flames shooting everywhere. Normal until it proclaimed the name of the sale to be "Testostarama." Normally anything with -rama as a prefix gets my attention because -rama makes me laugh. It sounds funny. But "Testostarama?" That may be stretching it a little too far. Oh well. I guess I'm less of a man if I don't go to Bud West Chevrolet's sale.

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Steve Martin is one of my favorite actors. He's just been consistently good for years. I saw "Shopgirl" today, which is based off of Martin's novela. His character was more serious than usual, but he did a good job with it. The other main characters are Claire Danes and Jason Swartzman. Swartzman was the main character in "Rushmore" and "I Heart Huckabees," and I now remember why when I was 15, I was convinced Claire Danes was my future wife. Supposedly, she was banned from the Philipines, which if it's true, is awesome. (Edit: Checked, and yes she was in 1998. She said some bad things about the country, but to be banned from a country takes effort. So, yes, the way to my heart is to get yourself banned from a country.)

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The song I'm listening to right now is called "The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us!" by Sufjan Stevens. His song titles are great, as well as the title of the cd ("Come On Feel the Illinoise"). I read that Stevens is an acquired taste, but like his songs without having to acquire any taste. The best song name on the album is "They are Night Zombies!! They are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back from the Dead!! Ahhhh!"

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This is the first time ever that on Nov. 5, two Indianapolis teams have been undefeated. Sure, the Pacers have only played two games, but it's impressive. If we're ever going to have the Colts and Pacers win championships in the same year, this is the year for it to happen. It could happen.

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Disney Radio. The question is why? It is always a nightmare to be confronted with a Disney Radio sponsored event because it means there will be hundreds of screaming 10 year olds. Plus the music is terrible. I unintentionally ran right into the middle of one tonight at the new mall in Plainfield. I don't feel the need to elaborate any more on this, but it's just annoying to me. Kids are great, but the high-pitched squeals of kids when they're celebrating crappy music is grating.

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Here are the top 10 Google results for "Daniel needs"...

1. Daniel needs more Thanksgiving sponsors.
2. The car Daniel needs.
3. Daniel's needs are like any other two-year old.
4. Daniel needs some advice on being sued by a buyer.
5. Daniel needs protection from his own bad decisions.
6. Daniel needs someone to brush his teeth for him each night just before he is put
to bed.
7. Daniel needs all of his food cut into small pieces.
8. Daniel needs time and understanding that he has many feelings of grief, loss, and abandonment.
9. Daniel needs a permanent family to call home.
10. Daniel needs his glasses.

Apparently, Daniel's, by nature, are incompetant. Or young children. Or dogs. Or sad. Or people with bad eyesight.


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