Sunday, November 06, 2005

Indiana: Crossroads between smart and dumb

According to a list of the intelligence of each of the 50 states, Indiana ranks 26th. I guess we could be worse. We're a C. We're not smart, and we're not dumb. We could be better, but we really don't want to. We're the underachievers, but we do just enough to get by, and we'll get into a decent, but not great college if we hike up the effort next year. All the signs are right. We're the Crossroads of America (in terms of intelligence). Vermont finished first, but that's to be expected. I never thought of Arizona finishing 50th, but they failed. The South always finishes low in these things due to the amount of poverty.

Here are the complete rankings...

1. Vermont, 2. Connecticut, 3. Massachusetts, 4. New Jersey, 5. Maine, 6. Minnesota, 7. Virginia, 8. Wisconsin, 9. Montana, 10. New York

11. Pennsylvania, 12. Nebraska, 13. Kansas, 14. Iowa, 15. New Hampshire, 16. Rhode Island, 17. Wyoming, 18. South Dakota, 19. Maryland, 20. North Dakota

21. Missouri, 22. North Carolina, 23. Colorado, 24. Texas, 25. Delaware, 26. Indiana, 27. Michigan, 28. Idaho, 29. South Carolina, 30. Washington

31. Ohio, 32. Illinois, 33. Utah, 34. West Virginia, 35. Kentucky, 36. Florida, 37. Arkansas, 38. Oregon, 39. Oklahoma, 40. Georgia

41. Tennessee, 42. Hawaii, 43. Alabama, 44. Alaska, 45. Louisiana, 46. California, 47. Nevada, 48. New Mexico, 49. Mississippi, 50. Arizona

At least we beat all of our neighbors. Kentucky is to be expected, and Ohio is generally dumb in all aspects. (I'm all for baseless, blanket statements when I'm tired.) Illinois is a little bit of a surprise because I always considered them to be better than Indiana. Michigan is just weird, though, and I have a hard time even considering them a neighbor state. Montana is the upset of the list. How they would be ninth is beyond me. I guess the two people who live there are really bright. Considering the nature and general makeup of the east coast states, it is not that big of a surprise that eight of the top 10 are in the east.

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I now present to you goats. Jumping on trampolines.

Image hosted by
(Photo by Glenn Hartong/The Cincinnati Enquirer)

Trampolines are fun. Goats are cool. Combine the two, and the world might explode. Actually, a goat jumping on a trampoline might be the happiest picture imaginable. That goat really seems to be loving it. There are few greater things in the world than a picture of a goat jumping on a trampoline. The photo gallery has more goat/trampoline goodness. In one of the pictures, the boy looks exactly like Dewey from "Malcolm in the Middle."

The goats help the boy with his ADHD problems, but the city claims the family cannot keep them because of zoning issues. The city should let the kid have his goats.


Blogger Lucas Sayre said...

I would have serious doubts about that study.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Daniel Bradley said...

Oh well. It gave me something write about in the middle of the night.

4:10 PM  
Blogger Lucas Sayre said...

Oh, don't get me wrong. I still find it interesting. It would be a good starting place for follow-up research on the intelligence in America.

6:09 PM  

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