Saturday, November 26, 2005

A quarter-century?

There are certain milestone ages that have more significance than others. At one, you're, well, one. You're barely a person. You're more parasite than human, feeding on the energy of your parents. At five, you're a big boy/girl and starting kindergarten. However, this is also the beginning of the end of innocence because the taunting and tormenting from here on out will be the cause for therepy bills later on. At 10, you're in double-digits, which is where you're going to be for awhile. At 13, you're a teenager, and it's all downhill. I wonder why people don't just stop at 12 while they're ahead. Maybe Peter Pan was onto something. At 16, you're allowed to drive and endanger the lives of millions of people. You're also angry at the world, and it is perfectly justified because the world at 16 is a sonofabitch. At 18, you can be charged as an adult. Or that's the imporantance it held for me. It's also a scary age. At 21, you can stop drinking illegally. At 25, you realize you're getting old, but everyone suddenly loves you again.

In seven months and seven days (July 3, if my math is wrong), I will be on my way to old. This is rather shocking, and it is not just because I reguarly feel more like I'm 14 than 24. And it's not just because I still have people ask me what grade I'm in because I apparently look more like 14 than 24. What happens when you turn 25? Do your knees suddenly hurt in the morning? (Too late. Already happens.) Do you forget easily and have to write everything down? (Yeah, again, too late. Already happens.) Do you suddenly have a wisdom no one else has? (No, dummy, you'll be just as much an idiot as you are now at 24.)

Basically, I think everything from day 1 to 24:364 is building up to what happens afterward. Firsts, galore. Afterward, we see how we can build upon those firsts. But what about those things that didn't have firsts? I haven't been arrested yet. Should I go do something now to get that out of the way? No is probably the right answer.

Worrying about being 24 is probably a better idea right now than wondering about what 25 is like. I wonder if people who are 27 feel old.


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