Sunday, November 13, 2005


Will there come a day when huge gatherings like weddings and funerals will be held via AIM? Will people send their emoticons of joy and sadness or leave a thoughtful away message for why he or she could not attend? And where is my cloaking devise? Will we ever have them? How about flying cars? (see below) Are aliens going to swoop down upon me and make me their slave for all eternity in a land where no one dies? Would that be a terrible existence? Do aliens even exist, and am I just sounding all crazy and such because I worked nine hours and haven't slept in a long, long, time and why is this the longest sentence ever written because most of my sentences are fairly short and to the point and I believe that is one reason why I am able to make my writing make sense because I don't go on and on and on about nothing at all and there is usually substance, but there is probably no substance in this because this sentence has gone on way too long so I might as well end it soon, but I really don't want to so I will keep writing here about nothing and maybe the Cubs because the Cubs are going to suck yet again next year like they always do and they haven't won a World Series since 1908 so who in their right mind would actually think they would do it this year, even though some might say that because the Red Sox and White Sox won in back-to-back years that it is going to be the Cubs year next year, but I contend that the Cubs year was 2003 and they blew it when they could not win two games at Wrigley Field with their two best pitchers on the mound and that made me sad when they didn't because I really wanted it to happen then, but it didn't, so we'll just have to keep hearing about curses involving goats and I like goats because they are cool and it would be nice if I had one because if I did, I could just take him into town and people would pass by and go "hey look, that guy has a goat," and they would all think I was awesome and I would name my goat Harold because that is just what I decided to name him as I write this insanely long sentence at 5 in the morning about nothing at all that I am going to

# # #

That was fun. I don't know if it was good for you, but it was awesome for me.

# # #

Flying cars will never exist because people can barely operate on a flat, two-dimensional plane, let alone three dimensions. Ever wonder why not just anyone can fly an airplane? There's your answer. Because there would be a whole lot of smoldering piles of metal on the ground seconds after takeoff. Yes, I would love to have a flying car, but chances are, I would just end up killing a bunch of people and myself.


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