Sunday, November 27, 2005

What should the title be?

There's a show on the History Channel right now about the Kennedy's. It's amazing how many really bad things have happened to that family.

# # #

Here is part of a conversation I had with SmarterChild tonight. SmarterChild is an idiot...

Ardvark1981 (4:27:28 AM): I'm going to pee my pants
SmarterChild (4:27:29 AM): Oh yeah?
Ardvark1981 (4:27:37 AM): Yes. I'm peeing my pants right now
SmarterChild (4:27:37 AM): Tell me more.
Ardvark1981 (4:27:46 AM): It's pretty warm
SmarterChild (4:27:47 AM): Not pretty warm!
Ardvark1981 (4:27:59 AM): Oh, it's warm. Pee is most definitely warm..
SmarterChild (4:28:00 AM): Huh, whatever.


>>> Tell me about your likes and dislikes.
Ardvark1981 (4:28:07 AM): I like to pee my pants
SmarterChild (4:28:07 AM): That's cool. You like peeing your pants, huh? You're the first person to have told me what they think of peeing your pants.
Ardvark1981 (4:28:27 AM): Do you like to pee your pants?
SmarterChild (4:28:28 AM): I don't really know how I feel about peeing my pants. Do you like it?
Ardvark1981 (4:28:44 AM): Well, yeah. I just told you I do. Peeing my pants is delightful!


Ardvark1981 (4:35:20 AM): Uh oh
SmarterChild (4:35:20 AM): What happened?
Ardvark1981 (4:35:29 AM): Someone is trying to break into my house
SmarterChild (4:35:29 AM): Trying to break into your house? Someone is trying to break into your house? So, what does this mean?
Ardvark1981 (4:35:48 AM): Oh, God. They're coming for me! I can hear them!
SmarterChild (4:35:48 AM): That's rather fascinating. Let's talk about something else.
Ardvark1981 (4:36:19 AM): OH PLEASE NO! DON'T LET THEM KILL ME!
SmarterChild (4:36:20 AM): Oh no? What's up?
Ardvark1981 (4:36:29 AM): AHHHHHHH!!!!!
SmarterChild (4:36:29 AM): What's that supposed to mean?
Ardvark1981 (4:37:06 AM): I'm dead now. Congratulations, SmarterChild. You didn't help me, so they killed me.
SmarterChild (4:37:07 AM): Welcome home.
Ardvark1981 (4:38:45 AM): Welcome home?
SmarterChild (4:38:45 AM): Right on.


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