Thursday, December 22, 2005

And on the second day of winter

It's the middle of the night on Dec. 22. There is still some snow on the ground. It is cold. Santa Claus will be breaking into my house soon. However, I'll say it anyway because I feel an urgent need to do so.

The Cubs suck.

For some reason, I am feeling the need to give up on them once and for all. They've made some improvements to the team, but it's going to be the same story. Plus, they said they were going to do "improvements" and "additions" to the bleachers. Turns out they tore the bleachers down and are building new ones. Of course, the company that is doing all this (Tribune, Co.) also owns a lot of the newspapers that are laying off employees. My journalism philosophies shouldn't affect my baseball philosophies, but in this case, they are because the two are intertwined.

Co-Worker Steve, who is a Cubs fan, is telling me to pick another team before I get to be like him: late-30s and hopeless with a small child who is beginning to likes the Cubs, too. I could never do that to my children. I want them to have some hope for happiness. Maybe I'll just steer them away from baseball althogther. Yeah, that would be best.

And I think it finally it me almost two months later that the White Sox won the World Series. How did that happen?


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