Sunday, January 08, 2006


Thanks to the controversy the new TV show "The Book of Daniel" is creating, my name is appearing in quite a lot of headlines these days. Here is a sampling...

"'Daniel' mixes religion, politics; comedy, drama" (The Chicago Tribune)
"'Daniel' can't duck the culture wars" (Los Angeles Times)
"The ordeals of 'Daniel'" (CNN)
"Viewers speak out on 'Daniel'" (NBC)
"'Daniel' quirky, controversial" (Cincinnati Enquirer)
"Irreverent, ambitious 'Daniel' doesn't do anything by the book (WTOP)
"'Daniel' not devine" (Wilkes-Berre Times Leader)
"'Daniel' shows mankind's frailties" (Sioux City Journal)
"Two NBC affiliates in South join crusade against 'Daniel'" (Chicago Sun-Times)

And my favorite for many reasons...

"What's to dislike about 'Daniel'? Everything." (The Indianapolis Star)

You know what's going to happen, don't you? In six weeks, the show will be off the air because it's so poorly made and no one will ever remember it. Just like 99 percent of all the shows that appear on television.


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