Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More old stuff

It's a little after 5 a.m., and I just realized I should've gone out for the baseball team in my freshman year of high school. It was no-cut because they had so few players. Sure, I would've been horrible and probably ended up cut anyway, but it would be something to write about. Of course, it's hard to really question the logic of awkward, pimply faced, yet really fast, 15-year old Daniel.

# # #

Going back a year, a few things that happened in eighth grade:

1) A kid in shop class decided it would be fun to throw masking tape in my hair. I also came within a couple inches of chopping my left middle and ring fingers off using a saw in that class. I'm glad I moved back.

2) The entire home ec experience and all it encompassed, including when one kid made fun of the way I held my fork.

3) I learned one of my teachers had once been in Playboy. One kid brought in the issue and asked if it was her. Yes, it was. Class became a little stranger after that.

4) One morning before school, I put some lotion on my hands, looked in the mirror, saw my hair sticking up in one place and put some lotion on it thinking it would work like hair gel. All it did was make people ask what was in my hair because lotion apparently doesn't blend in.

5) In general music class, we had to choose a song and talk about its lyrics. Since I didn't own any cds then, I asked my dad for help. That was a bad choice. He chose "Allentown" by Billy Joel. While I appreciate the subtle genius of Mr. Joel, in an eighth grade class where everyone else is playing Boyz II Men, Tom Petty, Nine Inch Nails, Coolio and TLC, Billy Joel just doesn't cut it. I should've gone with "Wonderwall."

6) I wrote my first "article." It was for a class project where we made a newspaper, and my job was the sports section. I did a preview of the NBA season, and it ended up being longer than the entire paper, so they had to cut it.

# # #

Speaking of Wonderwall, I'm amazed at how many different versions of the song are available on the iTunes store. The Oasis one is still the best, but some people have turned it into soft jazz, which is weird. I like the Ryan Adams version, even if he confuses me with all the albums he is constantly releasing.


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