Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A somewhat disgusting discovery

Yesterday, I was eating at one of my favorite restaurants. Late in the meal, too late for me to mention it to the server, I noticed what appeared to be lipstick on my glass. Seeing as I was using a straw and I don't normally wear lipstick, I knew it wasn't mine. But I took it better than I thought I would. There isn't really a way to test this type of situation, but I am normally a little queasy about such things. However, the place has never been the cleanest, and the lighting is sort of dim, so it didn't surprise me that I missed it. Rather than feeling nausiated, I took it in stride. Instead of a "What the? Lipstick on my glass? I think I'm going to throw up" reaction, I felt more along the lines of "Oh. OK. I'm going to ignore this and finish the meal and never think of it again." Well, I've failed in that respect. And now that I think about it, it was really gross. So if I die of a terrible flesh-eating disease in the next couple days, this is just to document what happened.


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