Monday, February 13, 2006

Way back machine

I was searching around through cabinets in the basement tonight when I found a few of the home videos my mom took when my brother and I were little. My favorite was from October/November 1985. My brother was 15 months old and I was four. I was an awesome four year old. I sang a lot and danced around. One of the strange things about it was that I seemed to like my brother. When he was first born, I didn't enjoy his existence, but I got along with him when the videos were made. There's also one scene in particular of Philip where he is sitting in the middle of the kitchen flooring crying his eyes out, and mom is just standing there recording it. It's amazing.

Nowadays, the brother and I are a little more competitive. You see the water in the background? I made that lake.

Yeah, I poured cup after cup of water into it until, finally, it became a lake. As you can see, I am happy while my brother is not. He lost a bet because he said I couldn't do it. Well, I did. But he should have known better than to bet against me. I have created other natural wonders all by myself. Like Arches National Park, for example.

(Photo: National Park Service)

The way it happened was that one day I was walking through the desert in Utah when I tripped over a dirt pile. It made me mad, and anger usually spawns productivity in me. So, in my rage, I took some dirt, formed it, nurtered it, watered it, fed it, loved it and it turned into Arches National Park. Some people like to claim it's the working of a divine spiritual being, but no, it was just me. You can come visit it sometime.


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