Thursday, March 02, 2006

Angry old women

It's great what a basketball game between two rivals can do to a seemingly sweet old lady. I sat next to one tonight at the Purdue-IU game. We'll call her, I don't know, Alice. Alice was at the game with her grown children, their wives and sat next to her grandchild. Everything seemed to be normal until a bad call prompted Alice to scream, "That sucks, you son of a bitch! Bad call, ref!" followed by, "I'm sorry" as she patted me on the shoulder. It was great, and because the referees were particularly bad against Purdue, she had plenty of opportunities to scream and curse. A perk of growing old is that being profane becomes endearing. I could go on a street corner and start screaming 500 degrees of nastiness and people would complain. However, if it were Alice, they'd just smile and think it nice that the elderly have spirit. Here's to Alice.


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