Friday, March 17, 2006

The Applebee's Shrimp Sensations commercials are our punishment for the bad things we do as a society and as a human race

EDIT: When I wrote this last night, I didn't realize the one with the guy drinking the sauce was a Friday's commercial. Am I really supposed to know the difference between Applebee's and Friday's? They're basically the same themed restaurant based in suburban hell. One is a neighborhood, while at the other, it's a "Groundhog Day" type environment where it's always Friday. Neverending Friday. I prefer Thursday.


If I see the two Applebee's Shrimp Sensations commercials that feature the Gilligans Island spoof and the stupid guy drinking the freaking sauce one more time, I am going to be tempted to go down to my neighborhood Applebee's and raise some thunder. For 12 hours at home and at work, I was surrounded by the NCAA Tournament on CBS. Seemingly on every single commercial break, one of these two spots ran. Sometimes, both. Sometimes back-to-back. And even sometimes, the same commercial repeated right after it just showed. Make it stop, please? I'm pleading with CBS to stop showing those commercials. I might lose my mind.

Some research of the Gillgan's parody shows that Applebee's executives wanted to produce commercials with two people who are now known as "The Applebee's Guys." The fact that these spots were thought up by human beings, then approved by their bosses, then approved by Applebee's clients, then approved by focus groups who thought these would be positive things to foist upon the viewing public and then approved by CBS to show them is an amazing fact of nature that will probably never be surpassed. It's inconceivable that anything so retched and annoying could exist over and over and over again. It's a never ending circle of hellfire and insanity.

The problem is that it's going to happen all over again on Friday. It's going to be 12 hours of two idiots pimping seafood with a Gilligan's Island spoof song followed by a jerk WHO DRINKS THE SAUCE! OH MY GOD, HE DRANK THE SAUCE! HE THOUGHT IT WAS A SHOT OF ALCOHOL, BUT HE DRANK IT! STOP THE PRESSES, FOLKS! HE DRANK THE SAUCE! THE JERKTRAIN HAS ARRIVED, AND...HE...DRANK...THE...SAUCE!!! Stupid Applebee's. If it weren't for your chicken finger and riblet basket, I'd abandon you.

But while we're particularly annoyed, let's have a sing-along!

Just sit right back and grab some tails
The tails of some tasty shrimp
Sensations now at Applebee's
Are really worth the trip

Sauteed, crisp fried or fire grilled
Served on a handy skewer
So many shrimp you'll want to plan
A three hour touuuuur
A three hour touuuuur

So join us here this week my friends
It's time for eating good
Shrimp Sensations now at Applebees
In your neighborhood

Well, now that we're all feeling homicidal, it's time to sleep. Goodnight.


Blogger Joe Fox said...

Dude. It's marketing. That's the point of the whole thing. You love it, you hate it -- but either way, you remember it.

Just saw an ad from Jack Black for Nickelodeon's Award show -- Jack Black isn't exactly kid's stuff -- but it was him busting out in a acapella rap-style diddy -- it was memorable. I didn't like it, but I remember it.

The sauce-thing commercial was lame. But you remember that the sauce shots are there, right? Wasn't TOO effective, if after seeing it that many times, you still thought it was Applebee's. But Applebee's use of Gilligan's Island theme sung by two guys who have an amount of musical talent (it actually did sound good -- harmony and everything) was pretty good -- and effective. You remembered it, right? And you remembered that it was Applebee's, and it was for their shrimp fest -- regardless of anything else, you remembered. That's what their goal was. They're not in the entertainment business -- they're in the selling-stuff business.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Howard Langston said...

Yeah, that's a good point about how it's effective marketing simply because you remember what it is they're pitching. But these commercials are getting annoying. I mean I didn't mind it the 1st time I saw it but after twenty more times THAT DAY, I kinda got a little tired of it. Funny post.

12:22 AM  

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