Monday, April 10, 2006

Here we go

Oh, please stop it, Michael Barrett. Don't let me get my hopes up. I need to be a pathetic, self-loathing, perpetually angst-filled Cubs loser fanboy, not someone who actually thinks there is a chance. Why did they have to sweep the Cardinals? Why did the grand slam have to have that chills-down-your-spine feeling? Why do I have to think that maybe, just maybe, it could happen? That this year is the next year for the Cubs that the White Sox and Red Sox earned? Oh, please stop it. Tell me it's not going to happen. Yes, they do have a totally different feel from past disfunctional Cubs teams, but if only they would lose 10 straight to make everything normal again. I'd prefer to be able to live a relatively sane existence. But baseball doesn't really matter, so why should I worry? Yet, why do I ask? Don't do this to me. Don't give me hope. OK?


Blogger Daniel said...

On Game Cube, the Cubs are quiet good.

4:37 PM  

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