Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A ridiculous orange llama-like animal

A woman in Bloomington is suing an alpaca breeding farm in Illinois to tell her the name of her baby alpaca's father. The story explains:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) - A barnyard soap opera that arose over an alpaca's paternity is now in court amid demands for the woolly critter's real father to step forward.

Cathy Crosson wants the owners of an Illinois breeding farm to disclose which of its male alpacas sired the year-old offspring of her prized female, Peruvian Lily of the Incas.

She filed a lawsuit last week alleging breach of contract and accusing Likada Farms of Wayne, Ill., of improperly breeding Peruvian Lily and then refusing to identify the offspring's father.

Without the male's name, Crosson said she can't register or sell the young alpaca.

So what exactly is an alpaca? That would be this:

God must have chuckled when He pieced together the alpaca.


Blogger Ro said...

lmao...that made me chuckle...thanks for the smile...

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