Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Vacation time

All right. It's been a couple weeks since anything was written here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've been busy. And now I'm going on vacation until June 15, so it's going to be even longer until I get back to this. But if you want to keep your watches set to what Daniel Bradley is doing for the next week and a half, here you go.

Tuesday, 6/6: Drive to St. Louis, Cardinals game
Wednesday, 6/7: Drive to Kansas City, Royals game
Thursday, 6/8: Cornfield cornfield cornfield wheatfield cow wheatfield cornfield cornfield wheatfield truckstop cow cornfield drifter cornfield wheatfield, or in other words, a whole lot of flat Kansas until arriving in Denver sometime in the evening.
Friday, 6/9: See Denver, Rockies game
Saturday, 6/10: Explore mountains. Hopefully don't get lost and eaten by bears.
Sunday, 6/11: Drive to Mount Rushmore, see faces of dead white guys carved into the American Indians' sacred Black Hills.
Monday, 6/12: A whole lot of South Dakota and Minnesota until arriving in Minneapolis in the evening.
Tuesday, 6/13: See the Twin Cities, Twins game, avoid drowning in any of the 10,000 lakes.
Wednesday, 6/14: Leave Minneapolis, drive out into the middle of nowhere in Dyersville, Iowa and see the "Field of Dreams" baseball field. Avoid ghosts of dead ballplayers. End up in Rockville, Ill.
Thursday, 6/15: Drive home, go to work.

So there you go. Now you can stalk me all over the Plains states.


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