Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh, the humanity

On Sunday, it was 905 days since the Cubs were five outs away from the World Series before losing in a spectacular blaze of glory. The last 905 days featured more losing, and especially this season, more creative losing. Two-run sacrifice flies. Dropped fly balls. Blown save after blown save. But Sunday topped it all, and here is the proof from the New York Mets' top of the sixth inning.

Note: Entering the half-inning, the Cubs led 5-2. Exiting the half-inning, the Cubs trailed 13-5.

- C. Woodward flied out to center
- C. Beltran safe at first on T. Walker's fielding error
- C. Delgado singled to center, C. Beltran to second
- D. Wright singled to right, C. Beltran to third, C. Delgado to second
- C. Floyd homered to deep left, C. Delgado, C. Beltran and D. Wright scored
- X. Nady walked
- R. Novoa relieved S. Marshall
- R. Castro reached on fielder's choice, X. Nady to second on T. Walker's fielding error
- E. Chavez hit for P. Feliciano
- E. Chavez singled to right, X. Nady scored, R. Castro to third
- E. Chavez stole second
- J. Valentin singled to shortstop
- C. Woodward grounded into fielder's choice, R. Castro out at home, E. Chavez to third, J. Valentin to second
- C. Beltran homered to deep left center, E. Chavez, J. Valentin and C. Woodward scored
- C. Delgado doubled to deep left
- D. Wright homered to deep right, C. Delgado scored
- W. Ohman relieved R. Novoa
- C. Floyd walked
- X. Nady walked, C. Floyd to second
- R. Castro flied out to deep center
- End of Inning (11 Runs, 8 Hits, 2 Errors)

There's not much that can be said. I mean, two grand slams, a two-run home run, two errors by the same Cub (Todd Walker) and all in the time span of 41 minutes. Forty-one minutes. The shortest game in the history of baseball took 51 minutes. They would make a quality comedy troupe, these Cubs. Send them out on a stage and see what they can do. Surely, they would do a better job before a live studio audience than they would in front of 40,000 people at Wrigley Field. Maybe it's just stage fright. Yeah, that's it. Stage fright. They do well in batting practice, but they get out there with all those people and they just freeze. That's it, I figured it out. I should be the new manager.


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