Thursday, February 01, 2007

"We are the Mooninites. Advanced beyond all that you can possibly comprehend with 100 percent of your brain."

So when your favorite late night cartoon has an advertisement that creates a terrorist scare and shuts down a section of a large city, how are you supposed to react? What about when the ad features your favorite characters * from said favorite late night cartoon? I don't know, but surely there had to be someone in Boston who stays up late enough to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force and realized the ad featured Ignignokt and Err, the Mooninites who were flashing you the bird as you drove. But just as pop culturally inept as Bostonians were Wednesday, the Turner Broadcasting people were just as dumb for putting such "devices" on overpasses in these times.

Stupid Earthlings. The Moon Rulz No. 1.

* Carl is tied in the category of my favorite character. "Sweet, sweet nectar. It's like my pool is tearin' ass around the backyard...but it's stayin' still."