Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow day revisitation

As the snow fell Wednesday, canceling any plans I had for the day, I was able to finally do some thinking about my Internet footprint. I have run through several blogs over the years with this one surviving longer than most. Of course, I have not touched it in four years, which goes to show how neglectful I can be. Whether or not I resume this one is unknown, but I did do some clean-up and deletion of posts that 1) lacked the editing I would prefer to represent me on the web, and 2) seemed a little too, well, odd. (The cringing ranged from mild to severe and the question "WHY WOULD I WRITE THAT?" was asked a few times, but hey, I'm still employed and not locked away in a far-off detention facility, so that's nice. So that's nice.) I imagine there is some more work to be done, but I will have to live for now with what might be buried back in 2006 because I have to sleep sometime. Perhaps I will return at some point, probably after I clean the pile of snow that is covering my car.


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